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Heritage Promotion

Heritage promotion

  1. Heritage sign at St.Jude's Church in Grand MaraisHeritage sign at St.Jude's Church in Grand MaraisHeritage Markers
    • Twenty-four markers have been erected for roads and other heritage sites
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  2. Heritage Website
    • The RM of St. Clements Heritage Committee launched a large and comprehensive heritage website aimed at students, visitors, residents and researchers on Sept 13, 2010
    • Previous to this they had posted 21 articles on the R.M. of St. Clements website, but soon realized more space was needed
  3. Heritage villageHeritage villageHeritage Village
    • Heritage displays have been developed for community events such as the St Clements 125th Anniversary, Lockport Centennial, Lockport Dam Family Festival and Selkirk Fair and Rodeo
    • Part of St. Clements 125th Anniversary celebration was student heritage banner competitions where the winning student's banners were proudly displayed in the community
  4. Historic Street Names
    • Council has approved a process where the RM of St. Clements Heritage Committee can propose heritage names for new streets in a subdivision. Names of prominent people have been adopted in new developments.
  5. Geocache siteGeocache site125th Anniversary Historic Geocaching Tour
    • Twenty-four geocaching sites were created in 2009 and located throughout the R.M. of St. Clements
    • Over 2,600 visitors have found the heritage cards located at each site and have learned about the local history of the RM of St. Clements
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  6. Heritage Tours and Presentations
    • Several tours have been given to seniors and other community groups on “Heritage Gems of St. Clements”
    • These presentations are available to other groups on request
    1. Selkirk and District Heritage Driving Tour
      • A two and a half hour round trip tour featuring historically significant sites in the R.M. of St. Clements, R.M. of St. Andrews and Selkirk area
      • Downloadable map and guide book
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Heritage Development

Heritage Development

  1. Historic Inventory of Buildings and Heritage SitesHeritage Bulding: Lockport Inn c. 1930sHeritage Bulding: Lockport Inn c. 1930s
    • 177 building and heritage sites were discovered in the R.M. of St. Clements
    • An inventory of buildings in the Grand Beach cottage area was completed in 2011
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  2. Heritage Information for Students
    • Extensive local history is being researched and compiled on our website for local students
    • Lord Selkirk School Division Historic Curriculum Enhancement (PowerPoint Presentations)
      • Ten Power Point presentations were developed for use by teachers for various grade levels in the school system. Learn more ...
      • An artefact kit is available for  teachers to further increase the educational impact of the material
  3. R.M. of St Clements Oral History Project
    • Two interviews with prominent local elders have been completed
    • Results will be reviewed and included on the web site
  4. Municipal Designation of Heritage Sites