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Knowing your community's heritage has a vast scope which includes buildings, items, people, events, stories and geographic sites and knowing that all are equally important in telling the story of your community, where and how do you start telling the story of your community?

  1. Municipal Heritage Resource Guideadobe pdf
    (82 pages, 1 MB, published by Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism)
    • This guide is a good place to start for both groups and individuals. It gives a broad overview on all aspects of municipal heritage. It recommends doing a Heritage Building Inventory as a first project for a municipality, because it provides basic information on a wide range of projects. It also stresses the importance of creating a Community Heritage Management Plan.
      • Part 1: Intro +

        • Heritage definition
        • Benefits to recognizing heritage
        • Heritage Resources Act of 1986
        • Statutory Requirements
        • Contacts for heritage info in Manitoba
      • Part 2: Your Municipal Heritage Framework +

        • How to create a by-law
        • Municipal Heritage Advisory Committees (MHAC)
        • Community heritage management plans
      • Part 3: Municipal Heritage Sites +

        • Designations criteria
        • Effect on site owner
        • Steps and costs
        • Municipal process
        • Threatened heritage sites
        • Tax credit
      • Part 4: Heritage Information and Resources +

        • Historic Places Initiative (federal program)
        • Value based management
        • Statement of significance (SoS)
        • Heritage building inventory
        • Fundraising and grants
        • Provincial heritage designation
        • Heritage villages and buildings
        • Business plans for projects steps to gain support
        • Recruit volunteers
        • Genealogy
        • Century Farm Program
        • Manitoba history research sources
        • Cairns, plaques and commemorative markers
        • Archeological site or artifact
      • Part 5: Forms +

        • Examples and guidelines
  2. Heritage Matters Benchmarks worksheet adobe pdf
    (6 pages, 0.5 MB, published by Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism)
    • A worksheet of best practices for heritage management to help organizations and communities understand their strengths, identify weaknesses, and develop useful partnerships. Though designed for community-wide organizations, it can also provide useful ideas for groups working on specific projects.
  3. Conducting Historical Researchadobe pdf
    (12 pages, 1MB, published by the Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee at
    • This very useful guide explains how to conduct research on a topic. It discusses organization, filing and storage, how to write an historical research report, and possible research sources like knowledgeable people/oral histories, chronicles, documents, maps/plans.